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Arthur Clement Practising obeah Guilty Imprisonment None View details
Mary Clement, aka Madam Joe or Ma Joe Practising obeah Guilty Imprisonment None View details
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Port of Spain Magistrates' court
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Trinidad POSG dataset
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The Brabant Street Obeah Case. Defendants sentenced to three and one month respectively. Notice of appeal given Port of Spain Gazette 13/07/1910

'Before Mr. H.D Huggins at the City police Court yesterday the adjourned case of Corporal Alexander against Arthur Clement and Mary Clement for receiving $6.02 from one Annie Stewart under the pretense of being able to restore her husband to health was resumed. Inspector May prosecuted for the Police and Mr. Gaston Johnston appeared for the defendants, who pleaded "not guilty."
At the instance of Inspector May a slight amendment to the charge was made, the words "under the pretense of being able etc" having been deleted and "by obtaining money by false pretenses with intent to defraud by the practice of obeah" substituted instead.

Corporal Alexander sworn said on the 2nd of July he obtained a warrant to search defendant's house for articles used in the practice of obeah. Between 4 and 5 p.m., accompanied by Sergeant Boyd he went to defendant's place. As soon as he got into the yard he met a young man who gave his name as John and a young woman named Mary John. The male defendant was wearing round his neck a chaplet. Witness asked him for his wife, meaning the other defendant. Before he answered, he observed a small door push open and the female defendant came to the door from inside with a candle in her hand.

Mr Johnston here objected to this evidence unless it led up to the specific charge against the defendants with respect to receiving money from Annie Stewart.

Witness (cont.): he also found a crucifix in a small room in the yard. He r...

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Recollections of a Trinidad Detective 01/01/1920

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