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William Kenton Practising obeah Guilty Imprisonment None View details
Joseph Martin Practising obeah Guilty Imprisonment None View details
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Linstead Court
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Magistrates' Court
Jamaica Gleaner dataset 1890-1939
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Cases brought before the Country Courts Gleaner 30/06/1916

Testimony of witness Albert Martin: lives in Gobay, St Catherine. He said he was awakened Sunday night 18th June by Atellia McPharson, about 2.30 am; went to Joseph Martin's yard where there is a family burial ground, took John Graham with me. 'I saw Martin standing at the foot of a grave while Kenton was going around the grave and beating it saying "get up dead, ah me shepherd man, come do you work". I went up and held him with a rope. At the spot were found 'a doll baby, several phials containing some nasty smelling stuff, grave dirt in a pan, three eggs, lighted lamp and other things (all produced)".Albert Martin handed the articles over to DC Lee. Kenton 'gave me a hog to keep me mouth shut. I have the hog at home now.'
Other witnesses were heard; their evidence is not reported.
Martin's sentence is to run concurrently with a sentence of 3 months imprisonment with hard labour, which he had received in a case also reported in this article, for larceny and receiving 3 fowls valued at 4/6.

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