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Cindy Brooks Practising obeah Guilty Fine or Imprisonment None View details
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Richmond Resident Magistrates' Richmond
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Magistrates' Court
Jamaica Gleaner dataset 1940-1979
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Woman fined £25 for practising obeah Gleaner 26/03/1964

Brooks, of Elliot district, was charged with practising obeah and having in her possession instruments of obeah. Sergeant Sydney Allison of the Richmond police said that on Feb 29, about 3 pm, he was at Richmond near the post office and he saw Brooks walking along the road with a basket on her head. There was a card board box in the basket. Allison saw it was 'a foreign parcel' and asked where Brooks got it. She answered that it was clothes sent from family in America. The police officer inspected the package and found on it her address and also a label with the words 'Novelty oil, incense kits, candles'. Allison 'invited' Brooks to the police station after inspecting the package. Brooks told him that the parcel had been sent to St. Ann's Bay Post Office. It was opened there and they sent to tell Brooks that it was there. Brooks said she wrote to the Prime Minister about it, and he asked the post office there to send it to her at Richmond, so she went for it. Allison opened it and saw it contained 'a phial marked "holy oil" with a pamphlet around it, an envelope labelled "De Laurence" - Incorporated" with pamphlet describing the use of it. There was also a book, Occultism, Arts and Science in the parcel'. Brooks said that she had paid £2 8/- customs duty on the parcel. Brooks then explained that she had ordered the parcel as duppies were bothering her in her sleep, and she had a relative working at the De Laurence Company, who recommended her the parcel and to keep a 'praye...

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