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A Butler in Vere Guilty Transportation None View details
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Slave Court
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Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council appointed to the Consideration of all Matters relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations: submitting to his Majesty’s consideration the evidence and information they have collected in consequene of his Majesty’s Order in Council, dated the 11th of February 1788, concerning the present State of the Trade to Africa, and particularly the Trade in Slaves; and concerning the Effects and Consequences of this Trade, as well in Africa and the West Indies, as to the general Commerce of this Kingdom Parliamentary Papers, vol. 69 1789

'Among the Domestics of a Planter in the Parish of Vere, were Two Negresses who had suckled Two of his Children, and a Negro who served him in the Capacity of Butler or Waiting-man. The Infant which was nursed by One of these Women happened to die. Her Misbehaviour after this was such as obliged her master to turn her out of his House, and she was ordered to work among the Field Negroes. The Butler, who was her own Brother, highly incensed at this shewed some Symptoms of Discontent, which were not much regarded; but, in the course of a few Days, the Water of a Well from which the Family had their daily Supply, was observed to be very much discoloured, and intolerably fetid. His Master, imagining these might be the natural Effects of Stagnation, ordered the Well to be drawn till it was supposed to be nearly drained. But notwithstanding this Operation, the Water still continued ill-coloured, nauseous to the Taste, and offensive to the Smell. A Man was then let down, who brought up a white Fowl in a very putrid State, without Beak or Claws, which had all been cut off. This Fowl was proved to have belonged to the Butler’s Grandmother, residing upon or near the same Plantation. On further Examination, a large Quantity of Indigo Seed was fished up from the Bottom of the Well. These Circumstances occasione dSuspicions of some mischievous Design. The Houses of all the Negroes were serached, and at one of them, inhabited by a near Relation of the Butler, a Calibash or Bowl was found, ...

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