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Royal Gazette Royal Gazette 1791

'Williamsfield in Portland, Jan 1, 1791.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
ABSCONDED from the above Plantation, the property of the Rev. Mr. Henry Williams, a stout able negro man of the Angola country, named YORK, five feet seven inches high, thirty-eight years of age, marked WW; well known at Nonsuch and Unity estates in St. Mary’s, where he has been used to work, and in which neighbourhood it is presumed he is now harboured, having been lately seen in that vicinity. Also absconded from said Estate, some time ago, an elderly negro man of the Papaw country, named ROCK, alias VENTURE, marked as above, stout made and corpulent, passes amongst the negroes for a great obeah man, and is supposed to be harboured in the neighbourhood of Kildare estate in St. George’s, having some time ago been taken up there, by a negro belonging to the Hon. Henry Shirley, Esq. and made his escape from Spring-Garden stocks. A reward of Ten Dollars each will be given for securing said negroes, on applying to Mess. John & William Bridgman, merchants, in Kingston; or in Portland, to the subscriber.


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